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Twin Dragon Debuts New SORBTEK® REPREVE® Denim with Superior Moisture-Wicking Capabilities

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Gardena, CA (September 11, 2017) – Twin Dragon (TD) just made a significant investment in SORBTEK®, a wicking performance fiber from Unifi. TD believes wicking performance is the succeeding industry innovation in denim comfort and will integrate it into its women’s and men’s collections, available at their mills in Asia and Mexico. In addition, there will be SORBTEK® blended with REPREVE®, a fiber from Unifi that is made from recycled plastic bottles.

With every new technical innovation in its denim, Twin Dragon aims to curb global warming. The same powerful SORBTEK® technology that keeps the yarn cool also protects against soiling such as sweat and grass, allowing consumers to wash the garment less, saving water. Because REPREVE® is made using recycled plastic bottles, it uses less energy and water, and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, compared to making virgin fibers. Some denim in the collection will also be made with TD’s pre-reduced Liquid Indigo and Eco-Finishing.


“Wicking performance capabilities in the athletic wear market have experienced a 70 to 80 percent growth over the past decade. Yet, the denim industry has not caught up or implemented the same capabilities in the jeans category! Now, TD is offering WICKING PERFORMANCE DENIM, which provides cooling properties to the wearer by pulling moisture away from the body. What’s better than a woman being able to wear slimming, skinny high-rise jeans while having the same performance as her yoga pants? Also, men can now wear their comfort stretch in either slim or straight fit and swap them out for sweatpants,”

Dominic Poon, CEO of Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc.

In addition, Twin Dragon’s latest WICKING PERFORMANCE DENIM COLLECTION surpassed previous denim in the “As Received” fabric testing by third party labs.

“Twin Dragon Marketing has created a high-tech SORBTEK® REPREVE® denim that provides superior moisture-management properties,” said Jay Hertwig, Vice President of global brand/premium value-added (PVA) sales for Unifi. “We are proud to work with Twin Dragon Marketing to develop a product that features the performance attributes demanded by today’s consumers, in addition to being environmentally responsible.”

TD’s high-tech SORBTEK® REPREVE® denim is a testament to the company’s steadfast commitment and development fervor to pioneer innovative fashion fabric trends and incorporate eco-awareness.  The company has successfully created everlasting color, Forever Black® and Forever White ® denim. Also, TD is one of the largest producers of Lycra® dualfx® denim, an innovative shape retention super stretch denim.  In March of this year, TD launched Liquid Indigo and Eco-Finishing that broke industry standards in water, chemical and energy conservation.

Next on the horizon is the ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE DENIM that cools in the summer and also insulates in the winter, giving the wearer year-round comfort.

REPREVE® and SORBTEK® are registered trademarks of Unifi, Inc. *Branded hangtags available for marketing purposes*

New 2017 Eco-Initiatives from Twin Dragon

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Gardena, CA (March 15, 2017) – In operation since 1980, Southern California’s, Twin Dragon Marketing Inc. (Denim) is launching Q2 2017 leading-edge ecological improvements in their Northern Hemisphere Mexican mills and at their Asian facilities. These eco-initiatives are the most advanced for sustainable denim production in the current marketplace.

“Finally–after 3 years of development, We are proud to introduce — pre-reduced LIQUID INDIGO and ECO-FINISHING – which when used together, has achieved a 85% reduction in environmentally hazardous chemical discharge, which could become the NEW GOLD STANDARD in the denim textile industry!
With the implementation of LIQUID INDIGO and ECO-FINISH, not only have we eliminated tons of chemical and water usage compared to the current dyeing & finishing standards at the mill level but— it stabilized the shade of indigo, increased the colorfastness in both dry & wet crocking  and the final denim product has a 3D appearance– it’s amazing!  In addition, this new ECO-DENIM will help the denim laundry house save water, minimize chemical usage and speed up garment processing – it’s the best scenario for both our mills & garment manufacturers!

Dominic Poon, CEO of Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc.

Over the last 10 years, TD has made significant investments in eco-friendly fibers, such as Lenzing’s Tencel® and Modal®, going on to develop their own trademarked Forever Black ® which eliminates the environmentally costly dye process for black jeans. The ECO-DENIM collection coextends Twin Dragon’s dedication to development that positively affects the environment, especially the water eco-systems affected by the denim industry.

The use of Eco-Finishing alone at their Mexico Mill for a whole year would save up to 40 million gallons of water, that’s a conservation percentage of 95% ( less water usage)!  The manufacturer would save time and money, because eco-finished denim processes faster than the current mercerized standard.  Also by using Liquid Indigo, 700,000 lbs of Sodium Hydrosulphite would be saved from contaminating the environment in one year, a 57% conservation compared the current powder indigo standard.

Looking forward to a greener future, Twin Dragon hopes to create self-cleaning denim that needs no water or chemicals!






70s/80s meets 2020s : Vintage Weaves + Lycra® Stretch Innovations

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This collection showcases the retro open-end weaves from 3-4 decades ago that are BACK with an innovative twist!  Same appearance but now made with stretch Lycra® fiber technology .  These denims would be a great line update to attract the new wave of cool kids who want more movement in their vintage styled jeans (ie. high-waisted “mom” and “dad” jeans of the 80s).

Available in Mexico and Taiwan / 10 oz. and 11 oz. versions / left-hand version available too.

Our FOREVER WHITE™ is the BEST WHITE DENIM EVER! | Special ecofriendly technology that PREVENTS YELLOWING from exposure to the environment.

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Reintroducing – FOREVER WHITE™ – The MOST COLORFAST and TRUEST WHITE DENIM EVER! – It will PERMANENTLY REPLACE the old white jean standard denim. Made possible by TWIN DRAGON’S INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY blending SPECIALIZED FIBERS including sustainable cellulose ecofriendly TENCEL®.


Made simple.

The mark [FOREVER WHITE™] can only be used on FOREVER WHITE™ fabrics manufactured by Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc. (indicated by Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc. hangtags only)



TD Trends highlighted at Denim by Premiere Vision, Barcelona 2014

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Many of the emerging trends recently showcased at Denim by PV are currently being run here at Twin Dragon — sometimes some of these products were developed years earlier!  Below is a re-cap of the trends at the show and what collections we currently offer that coincides—

  • Increased weight from 8-9 oz. and going up to 9-11oz. for rigid, comfort and regular stretch.  [ SEE OUR VAST INDIGO, BLACK, GREY AND PFD COLLECTION ]
  • Super Stretch items are still of great importance– in the high recovery, dual FX and filament, also 4 way stretch denim especially for jegging styles. [SEE OUR MILLENNIUM FILAMENTS, SUPER STRETCH TENCEL DUAL FX and FOUR WAY FLEX for 360 degrees comfort ]
  • Special spinning yarn, siro yarn that feels like combed cotton and nylon stocking jean denim for a stretch as comfy and easy as a pair of pantyhose. [SEE OUR COBALT BLUE SIRO YARN RING SLUB DENIM & NYLON STOCKING DENIM ]
  • Woven terry–a dobby weave for the utmost leisure comfort is an important trend in mens, womens and very popular for youth. [SEE OUR  HEAVYWEIGHT & LIGHTWEIGHT INDIGO, HEAVYWEIGHT AVAILABLE IN BLACK AND GREY, ALSO A LIGHTWEIGHT AND HEAVYWEIGHT TENCEL PFD VERSION AVAILABLE  ]
  • Men’s Stretch is here to stay and continuing to grow in popularity with consumers — mainly a comfort stretch achieved by a cotton/spandex blend but also a comfort stretch dual FX.  High % super stretch is acceptable for the young men’s skinny jean, especially for the skater boy. [ SEE OUR VAST INDIGO, BLACK, GREY AND PFD COLLECTION ]
  • Soft hands provided by Lenzing’s Eco-friendly TENCEL® & MODAL®. [ SEE OUR FOREVER BLACK and FOREVER WHITE ] These fibers are playing major roles in denim, twill, chambray and canvas. [SEE OUR LINEN/TENCEL CHAMBRAY]
  • CURRENT DENIM COLOR: Dark indigo is still dominating, however there was a good presence of 6 dips indigo and bright azul indigos. Finished product ranged with a large % of medium and light indigo finishing. Grey is also picking up speed in the womens and mens markets, coining a phrase, “Grey is the new black” [SEE OUR NEW MARINA BLUE, VENICE BLUE, SKY BLUE and COBALT BLUE, for grey GRANITE GREY, NEVADA GREY AND MAKO GREY]


womens mens

Contact our East Coast or West Coast office for sample headers, also our West Coast showroom is available to have line presentations for your entire design team.

Take advantage of Our Spring 2014 Quarter End Inventory

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qeiTake advantage of our aggressive pricing on some premium items during our Quarter End Inventory. Great items with special price incentives, advantageous to try some fashion forward prints or applique details to add some interest to your next collection.  Get inspired by the latest Fall 2014 fashion from Contact your TD sales account executive or email for more information.

Press Alert: Forever Black Highlighted by California Apparel News

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CAN FB articleFollowing up from our official FOREVER BLACK fabric release back in November 2013. The concept of fade less black denim is slowly catching some industry leaders attention, right here in the denim capital of the world, Los Angeles. This is the next best staple item in a women’s closet, a black jean that won’t fade, just in time for Fall 2015 collections. Contact us to see the full collection that now has 7 different denim styles utilizing this technology at varying price points.  Also, Twin Dragon can provide marketing materials such as– specially developed  hang tags for  FOREVER BLACK denim garments.  See example below.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

For more west coast fashion industry news and trends, subscribe to California Apparel News.



The Printing Revolution >>Digital Print from TD

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It’s here, it’s here! Wowzaa, take a gander at our new printed denim possibilities with the revolutionary digital printing technology! A very time efficient and cost advantageous process.  No need for strike-off after strike-off, no set-up charge & none of the hassles with screen engraving.  Photographs and high definition prints are captured on any cotton or TENCEL twill/denim with beautiful eye-catching shades of color and replication of exquisite design detail and gradients.  This technique is capable of printing 26+ colors and has had profound colorfastness to multiple wash tests.

Also, there is only a 20-30 yard minimum offered at a very competitive price. You can provide us with any image you like, as long as it has a 200+ dpi resolution.  We also have some prints in-house for you to choose from and if you like any, we will grant your line exclusivity to the print.  For any interests and further inquiries, please email us at and we will put you in touch with a sales representative.

Combining the BEST of both worlds = (TENCEL) + (dualFX) in ONE DENIM

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In recent years, we had successfully developed dualFX denim in conjunction with INVISTA (LYCRA). This new stretch technology is superb in performance  with the highest stretch recovery in the industry. Thus, ultimately eliminating the need for ladies to continuously hike up their skinny jeans and say good-bye to  saggy knees.

What was the one element we could add to make this an even greater product? Enter : Lenzing’s TENCEL–having followed our instincts to combine dual FX’s unsurpassed stretch recovery with the great handfeel and durability of Lenzing’s TENCEL. In addition, we also value TENCEL’s eco-friendly components. This duality results in a significant improvement in the fabric’s ecological compatibility because TENCEL is made from wood grown in sustainably managed forests.  Recently, TENCEL fibers have been reinvented to compliment the current denim fashion trends because of the fiber’s smooth surface and optimal moisture management.

dual fx satin

Lenzing and Invista recently publicized its mission to improve the way their two fibers combine in denim for the ultimate performance and feel.

The Lenzing Group, world market leader for man-made cellulosics (TENCEL, Lenzing MODAL, Lenzing Viscose) and INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA fiber brand, are working together to bring improved aesthetic performance to stretch fabrics.  By combining Lenzing’s TENCEL fiber with INVISTA’s patented LYCRA dual FX fabric technology, the two companies offer the industry a unique solution i.e. cellulosic denim fabrics featuring significantly improved shape retention.

Superior comfort together with stretch and long-lasting recovery rank among the key criteria in women’s fashion’, says Michael Kininmonth, Senior Project Manager for Denim at the Lenzing Group. “The success of this cooperation shows that two globally innovative fiber companies can bundle their competencies to supply the denim market with fabrics which meet the performance needs of modern consumers,’ he adds.”

— Lenzing Press Release, 12/9/13

To arrange to see our full TENCEL & LYCRA collection, including TENCEL blended dual FX, refer to contact information below and we will connect you with an account executive. | LA Headquarters 310.715.7070 | NYC Showroom 212.629.8600

Supporting FIDMs effort in BLUE JEANS GO GREEN; Cotton Inc.’s Denim Recycling Program

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blue-jeans-go-greenLos Angeles, CA (December 11, 2013) –  Twin Dragon is very proud to have participated in Cotton Inc’s Blue Jeans Go Green Recycling Program for the first time this past November.  All denim collected through the Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program is recycled into UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation, and a portion of it, up to 250,000 square feet is distributed to Habitat for Humanity affiliates and civic buildings around the country.

The program partners with many colleges across the US, including a local fashion school, FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), having alumnus employees, the company was more than willing to support their effort.  Participating in this program falls in line with our passion for eco-friendly green initiatives as present in our product and operations.  As first year participants, Twin Dragon collected over 7,500 lbs of denim (every 1.5 lbs of denim = 1 pair of jeans).  To date, including our donation this year, Cotton Inc.’s program has been able to divert over 600 tons of denim from landfills!


“Twin Dragon was a HUGE help to us this year. Last year our total count was 6,338 and this year it was 11,921.  Our major denim partners this year were Twin Dragon and True Religion with smaller donations from Guess Jeans and Genetic Denim. Conclusively, FIDM (all 4 campuses) was the overall winner.  We had a higher number of donations above Texas Tech and University of Kentucky. We had over 14,000 pairs for all four FIDM campuses.” — said Mary Brannon, Apparel Technology Coordinator at FIDM.

Twin Dragon’s continued commitment to eco-friendly initiatives grows annually.  The company has  all the intentions to continue to donate even more on FIDM’s behalf  to this wonderful program in the future years. Happy Recycling & Go Green!

For more information on our involvement in the program, email  Blue Jeans Go Green™  accepts donations all year round so if you would like to personally donate, CLICK HERE for more information.