Global Design Service

Strategic Local Delivery

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California – the epicenter of premium denim – Twin Dragon has an in–house sample department for product development and quality testing. By keeping alert to emerging trends and developing innovative textiles, we are constantly accessing and evaluating our products’ popularity and longevity to keep our customers satisfied and well informed. We are in a constant state of research and development, restlessly pushing the boundaries of denim development—producing fabrics that allow designers to be ahead of the trend in a fast-paced evolving fashion marketplace. Our job is not done after development, all sample and production fabrics go through a strict quality control process with our knowledgeable personnel.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service with quick response programs and fast turnaround. With our pulse close to the key trends that will drive sales, we have flexible lead times to make room for the right product to run the mills. With production facilities across much of Asia, Mexico and South America, Twin Dragon can easily drop–ship to manufacturers across the globe. TDM continues to bridge with facilities strategically to benefit from many of the major global Free–Trade Agreements. Within the next couple of years, Twin Dragon has plans for expanding its Mexican production facilities to accommodate a near doubling of its current capacity.

Our Mills


Our Chinese mills are currently staffed with 1,700 employees and has the capacity of 60 million yards per year of premium denim.  Specializing in women’s mass merchant super stretch denims and pfds. Equipped with up-to-date machinery including 21,640 cotton spinning spindles, 194 looms, dyeing/sizing and mercerization desizing machines and two -24 rope dying machines. They have Oekotex-100, ISO9001 certifications. TDM China also passed the certification of Levi’s owned laboratory and meets the BV and HIGG system requirements. 

The mills’ equipment is mainly from Germany, Belgium and Japan.  There are over 252 looms, including 80 Itema rapier looms, 20 Picano rapier looms and 152 Tsudakoma air looms. The indigo warp dyeing lines include three rope-dyeing machines from Morrison, a rope-dyeing machine from Komatsubara and a piece-dyeing machine from TAYA.  The finishing lines include Monforts, Komatsubara and Dingfend.

Our parent company, Texhong Textile Group, has a strong advantage in the cotton platform, relying on Lanyan’s 63 years of development and 37 years of rich production and management experience in denim fabrication.


Our newest mill location is vertically integrated, from yarn spinning to fabric production which significantly cuts tariff costs for our customers taking advantage of the TPP trade agreement. 


Our Mexican mills were the first to implement Liquid Indigo and Eco-Finishing processes in 2017. They have a production capacity of 20 million yards annually. Specializing in 100% cotton, Comfort Stretch and LYCRA® dualFX® denims and natural w/trash fabrics. 


Our newest piece-dye mill in Nicaragua produces a wide variety of piece dye twills for shirting and denim bottoms. 

Blue River Laundry House

Located just outside of downtown Los Angeles, Blue River offers the most advanced and fashion forward wash techniques and premium finishing available. Constantly pursuing the latest and greatest in wash technologies, they offer a full array of wet and dry garment processing.

A leader in eco-friendly innovations and technologies, Blue River denim has Jeanologia’s G2 Ozone machine and Jeanologia’s Flexi 3e laser available allowing them to create authentic washes with low to zero water and almost no chemicals.

Their highly trained staff specializes in many wet and dry processing techniques including garment, ombre, tie-dying, wax, pigment, foil and tinted coatings and mixed process denim washing.