New 2017 Eco-Initiatives From Twin Dragon

In operation since 1980, Southern California’s, Twin Dragon Marketing Inc. (Denim) is launching Q2 2017 leading-edge ecological improvements in their Northern Hemisphere Mexican mills and at their Asian facilities. These eco-initiatives are the most advanced for sustainable denim production in the current marketplace.

“Finally–after 3 years of development, We are proud to introduce — pre-reduced LIQUID INDIGO and ECO-FINISHING – which when used together, has achieved a 85% reduction in environmentally hazardous chemical discharge, which could become the NEW GOLD STANDARD in the denim textile industry!
With the implementation of LIQUID INDIGO and ECO-FINISH, not only have we eliminated tons of chemical and water usage compared to the current dyeing & finishing standards at the mill level but— it stabilized the shade of indigo, increased the colorfastness in both dry & wet crocking  and the final denim product has a 3D appearance– it’s amazing!  In addition, this new ECO-DENIM will help the denim laundry house save water, minimize chemical usage and speed up garment processing – it’s the best scenario for both our mills & garment manufacturers!

Dominic Poon, CEO of Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc.

Over the last 10 years, TD has made significant investments in eco-friendly fibers, such as Lenzing’s Tencel® and Modal®, going on to develop their own trademarked Forever Black ® which eliminates the environmentally costly dye process for black jeans. The ECO-DENIM collection coextends Twin Dragon’s dedication to development that positively affects the environment, especially the water eco-systems affected by the denim industry.

The use of Eco-Finishing alone at their Mexico Mill for a whole year would save up to 40 million gallons of water, that’s a conservation percentage of 95% ( less water usage)!  The manufacturer would save time and money, because eco-finished denim processes faster than the current mercerized standard.  Also by using Liquid Indigo, 700,000 lbs of Sodium Hydrosulphite would be saved from contaminating the environment in one year, a 57% conservation compared the current powder indigo standard.

Looking forward to a greener future, Twin Dragon hopes to create self-cleaning denim that needs no water or chemicals!