Twin Dragon’s Road to the ‘Cleanest Denim on Earth’

After decades of inflicting harm upon the planet through reckless and damaging practices—not to mention to those living upon it—all channels within the industry need to be held accountable for by bringing about positive and meaningful change. Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc. Is taking our responsibility seriously and has made our main mission, and commitment to produce the ‘Cleanest Denim on Earth’.

“Global warming needs to be addressed,” said Dominic Poon, Twin Dragon founder and CEO. “We’re seeing real effects from climate change. Everyone should try to put forth all of the effort they can to keep the world lasting as long as possible. If we don’t do anything, the next generations are going to suffer.”

Beyond cultivating an innate sense of responsibility for improving industry efforts, the greening of denim production carries a host of other benefits. For one thing, there are cost savings to be had with these water-saving initiatives and the reduction of chemicals associated with garment finishing. And not only do these changes improve the working conditions for those on the factory floor, it also brings the benefit of creating a stronger bond between employees and their work, said Poon, who are encouraged by the more environmentally friendly jeans they’re creating.

“Collaboration is extremely important in this industry,” Poon said. “If there is a method or process that’s going to make the industry greener, I don’t mind sharing it. We need to think of the next generation—and the one after that—to consider what our impact is going to be on them.”                                                                                                                                  

——–Rivet Magazine Nov. 2019

Eco Elements in Our Textiles


LIQUID INDIGO is an eco-friendly alternative to powder indigo, which cuts back significantly on caustic soda and water usage. Additionally shade stability remarkably improves. Since 2017, TDM used LIQUID INDIGO and saved 25 million gallons of water in production processes. In 2019, Twin Dragon has partnered with Indigo Mill Design to develop INDIGO ZERO, a foam dyeing process that reduces 99% of the water used during the fabric making process. The technology is expected to decrease water usage by more than 500 million gallons per year.


From Austrian based, Lenzing, Tencel™ Lyocell and Tencel™ Modal fibers are utilized in many of our premium denim development processes because of their sustainable cellulose properties and their soft and smooth hand with almost 50% greater wickability than cotton. These cellulose fibers are created from sustainable forests–processes that reduce CO2 emissions.  For our mass merchant lines, we utilize various Rayon fibers that generally use less water and energy that the cultivation of cotton.


We partnered with COTTON INCORPORATED to ensure we source US cotton from the best suppliers that meet strict sustainability standards. Their innovations alone since 1970 have created the opportunities for advancements in yield while taking stewardship of natural resources for cotton agriculture to the highest levels in the world.  We also utilize Cotton Lead and BCI: Better Cotton Initiative suppliers, organizations developed to instill globally-sustainable solutions for farmers. These systems are designed to ensure the exchange of good practices, and to encourage the scaling up of collective action to establish Better Cotton and Cotton Lead as sustainable mainstream commodities.


POLYESTER is a viable fiber specifically utilized in high stretch denims and twills to provide strength and recovery for support.  Manufactured in China, by UNIFI, REPREVE® is made from 100% recycled polyester harvested from plastic bottles.  In comparison to virgin polyester, Repreve conserves resources and offsets the need to use newly refined crude oil, reducing energy consumption by over 66%. Seven plastic water bottles equal the amount of recycled polyester in one of our women’s core stretch jeans.

Eco-Finishing: Using the Least H2O & Energy to Date

The ECO FINISHING process utilizes new specialized machinery that significantly reduces water consumption by eliminating the need for a rinse and de-size step in the garment production process, which alone saves 15 gallons of water per yard. Eco-finished pfd goods will eliminate 95% of the water and chemicals needed in processing. This finish provides the cleanest, better defined, relaxed look and the most comfortable hand of raw denim versus the previous mercerized raw denim.  ECO FINISHING has the much-needed benefit of decreasing the hazardous discharge of chemicals into the environment. This also creates laser-friendly denim which is the latest advancement in eco-friendly garment laundering.