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TD Trends highlighted at Denim by Premiere Vision, Barcelona 2014

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Many of the emerging trends recently showcased at Denim by PV are currently being run here at Twin Dragon — sometimes some of these products were developed years earlier!  Below is a re-cap of the trends at the show and what collections we currently offer that coincides—

  • Increased weight from 8-9 oz. and going up to 9-11oz. for rigid, comfort and regular stretch.  [ SEE OUR VAST INDIGO, BLACK, GREY AND PFD COLLECTION ]
  • Super Stretch items are still of great importance– in the high recovery, dual FX and filament, also 4 way stretch denim especially for jegging styles. [SEE OUR MILLENNIUM FILAMENTS, SUPER STRETCH TENCEL DUAL FX and FOUR WAY FLEX for 360 degrees comfort ]
  • Special spinning yarn, siro yarn that feels like combed cotton and nylon stocking jean denim for a stretch as comfy and easy as a pair of pantyhose. [SEE OUR COBALT BLUE SIRO YARN RING SLUB DENIM & NYLON STOCKING DENIM ]
  • Woven terry–a dobby weave for the utmost leisure comfort is an important trend in mens, womens and very popular for youth. [SEE OUR  HEAVYWEIGHT & LIGHTWEIGHT INDIGO, HEAVYWEIGHT AVAILABLE IN BLACK AND GREY, ALSO A LIGHTWEIGHT AND HEAVYWEIGHT TENCEL PFD VERSION AVAILABLE  ]
  • Men’s Stretch is here to stay and continuing to grow in popularity with consumers — mainly a comfort stretch achieved by a cotton/spandex blend but also a comfort stretch dual FX.  High % super stretch is acceptable for the young men’s skinny jean, especially for the skater boy. [ SEE OUR VAST INDIGO, BLACK, GREY AND PFD COLLECTION ]
  • Soft hands provided by Lenzing’s Eco-friendly TENCEL® & MODAL®. [ SEE OUR FOREVER BLACK and FOREVER WHITE ] These fibers are playing major roles in denim, twill, chambray and canvas. [SEE OUR LINEN/TENCEL CHAMBRAY]
  • CURRENT DENIM COLOR: Dark indigo is still dominating, however there was a good presence of 6 dips indigo and bright azul indigos. Finished product ranged with a large % of medium and light indigo finishing. Grey is also picking up speed in the womens and mens markets, coining a phrase, “Grey is the new black” [SEE OUR NEW MARINA BLUE, VENICE BLUE, SKY BLUE and COBALT BLUE, for grey GRANITE GREY, NEVADA GREY AND MAKO GREY]


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