We have been tightly woven into the global denim stronghold of Los Angeles ever since our establishment in 1980 amidst the birth of the designer jean. We are an internationally recognized leading textile company specializing in premium denim, piece dye woven fabrics, denim washing & fashion trends to a vast portfolio of the most sought-after American brands. Design teams can meet with us at any of our showrooms and develop fabrics hands-on for their specific desires.

Since 2018, TDM has integrated its yarn production amongst China, Mexico, Vietnam and Taiwan offering a strategic advantage to service customers’ production around the globe.  TDM designs globally and delivers locally based on your production’s origin which in turn, optimizes your business, helps increase profit margins and reduce lead time and inventory. Currently TDM has an annual global production capacity for over 100 million square yards in China, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan and Nicaragua. By 2022, our goal is to increase our production to 150 million yards annually.


TDM aims to focus on achieving your goals while preserving our planet for our future generations. We will continue to produce the most eco-friendly and sustainable denim by reducing water consumption and ZDHC, while using biodegradable polyester and all sustainable fibers.

Servicing our customer is priority at Twin Dragon. We enforce strict quality control equivalent to industry leading standards.  Our in-house research and development team aspires to be an enhancement to a customer’s brand. TDM has partnered with the premier laundry house, Blue River, in Los Angeles developing trend setting washes and treatments with the most innovative eco-friendly techniques. With our wide range of customers in mind, we aim to ensure our fabrics cover the needs of both premium denim brands as well as major retailers.


Unifi is the lead supplier of the first-ever branded recycled Polyester fiber, REPREVE®. Recognizing the eco-friendly polyester for the ‘future’, Twin Dragon has been using REPREVE® in our latest poly-heavy denim developments for a greener effect and competitive edge in the eco-conscious marketplace.

We are proud to be partnered with the most trusted world-wide cotton, supplier – Cotton Incorporated – Enforcing a cotton industry that is committed to researching and promoting environmentally viable solutions that help secure the future of cotton- that still remains the key fiber for all denims and twills in the global marketplace today.

The Better Cotton Initiative is a global sustainability program focused on farm level improvement. BCI provide training on more sustainable firming practices to more than two million cotton farmers in 21 countries.

We have an acute passion and affinity for creating stretch denims that achieve the best performance in stretch percentage and retaining their shape. Invista’s mission for sustaining a competitive advantage with uncompromising integrity forges an alliance with ours in this quest.

Lenzing began with nature as their origin and innovation as their mission for over 75 years now!  Their key developments, TENCEL® and MODAL®, are from cellulose fibers made from sustainable forest wood pulp- a wonderful environmental feat!  We have been using these amazing fibers for over 8 years now, and we absolutely love their eco-friendly story and softness they provide in our premium denim collections.


DyStar Indigo Solution

Cotton Leads Certificate